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Runnin’ Fast

First of all, I apologize for not blogging for about 2 weeks. I will try to blog much more often.
   I’ve had a ton of fun watching these Padres over the first months and a couple days of this season. It’s great, it really is. They keep finding ways to win. Even with this guy in a slump,https://i1.wp.com/619sports.net/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/AdrianGonzalez1.jpg

This big fella not hitting well, http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/c/c0/Kyle_Blanks.jpg/300px-Kyle_Blanks.jpg

They are 21-12, and have the best record in the major leagues. Now, say you were told before the season that the Padres would have a 21-12 record, with Adrian in a slump for the Padres’ last 11-12 games. You wouldn’t have believed that, would you? This team is not all about 1 player, it’s about a team. I believe in them. I think they believe in themselves. And boy, is it showing on the ballfield.

The Padres are leading the league with 44 stolen bases. It is some kinda nice. This changes ballgames. Take this as an example: Earlier this year, the Padres faced Jonathan Sanchez, who was on his game. The only hit he and the Giants allowed that day was a leadoff single in the 4th by Chase Headley. After the single, Headley stole second, advanced to 3rd on a popout, and scored on a sac fly. The Padres won that game 1-0 with only one hit for them.

No one is talking about the Padres. Not ESPN, not CBS, not FOX, it’s funny, it really is. They have the best record in the NL, and they are still talking about other teams. No credit is given. But the good thing is, these Padres don’t care one bit. They don’t care one single bit. They’re just going out and getting wins. Sure, some wins aren’t pretty. like when they left 16 runners on base when they beat the Giants 3-2 on Tuesday. But so what? That 17-2 win earlier in the year shows up the same as the 3-2 win on the W/L column.

Finally, pitching has been the key to the Padres so far this year. The bullpen is fantastic, and the starters are pitching well. You get to the 7th inning as a starter with the lead? Easy. Gregorson, Adams, and Bell finish the ballgame up with a W more times than not. Need a stopper? We got Jon Garland, a vet, ready to take the mound.

There was some sad news on Sunday, when Padres fans heard that Kevin Correia’s brother fell off a cliff while hiking with his friends, and died. The funeral is today at 10:30 AM at Saint Agnus Catholic Church. Please, say a quick prayer for the Correia’s as they go through the rough time. I am praying for them. God bless the Correia’s and R.I.P. Kevin Correia’s brother.

Today, at 12:45 PM PT, the Padres go for a 3 game sweep over the Giants. Mat Latos, following up his best outing last time up, goes against Jonathan Sanchez, who has only allowed 5 hits in his last 2 starts.  Should be a great game. Have a great day you guys, stay safe, and God bless!!!


GO PADRES!!!!!!!!!