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Up and Down

First of all, I want to thank everyone for visiting my blog. In the latest MLBlogs leaderboards, i placed 47th, it’s my first time in the top 50! So thank you everyone, I really appreciate it :). 

Secondly, it’s been an up and down road for the Padres in these first 8 games of the season. They are 3-5. By far the best win they’ve had was the 17-2 win over the Braves, that was sweet. But the 6-1 loss last night just proves that in baseball, even when you think you have it figured out, you can still go out there and lose against a pretty good pitcher. They fan into an ace last night, or at least he pitched like one. His name was Tommy Hanson.
(photo courtesy of fantasyphenoms.com)
This man has some nasty stuff. He has an upper 90’s heater, a 12-6 curve, a sweeping slider, man. He just was too much for the Pads to handle.
The man pitching today for the Padres, though, has stuff similar to Hanson. His name is Mat Latos.
(photo courtesy of friarhood.com)
He has an upper 90’s heater, a changeup, a curve, and a slider. He has similar stuff to Tommy Hanson. No doubt, he could be a front of the line starter. He has THAT good of stuff. May be the next Jake Peavy for the Padres. You never know. Here is just a tidbit of his stuff that he is capable of throwing. http://mlb.mlb.com/video/play.jsp?content_id=6003335
I love this great game of baseball. Part of the reason is, unlike football, you can redeem yourself quicker. In football, if you lost, you have to wait a week to try to redeem yourself. But in baseball, you can redeem yourself the next day. I sure hope the Padres can redeem themselves and win the rubber game of this 3 game series versus the Braves!!!
This has nothing to do with baseball, but the Thunder wrapped up their 2009-2010 regular season yesterday. Kevin Durant won the scoring crown over LeBron James, and the Thunder play the Lakers in round 1 of the playoffs. First game is at 12 noon on Sunday on ABC. GO THUNDER!!!!!!!!
Have a good day everyone, stay safe, and God bless!!!
GO PADRES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GO THUNDER!!!!!!!!!!!