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Friars win 5-4, lose 10-5

So it is only spring training- but it’s always nice to get a W.The Padres did just that earlier today, defeating the Brew Crew 5-4. It was a split-squad day, and the 2nd game they lost 10-5 to the Indians.

In the win, Will Venable paced the Padres attack with a 3 run bomb in the first inning off starter Yovanii Gaiardo. Logan Forsythe also added to RBI’s. Mat Latos and Sean Gallagher both pitched 3 innings, giving up 1 run apeice.

In the 10-5 loss, Michael Collins, a young catcher for the Friars, went deep. Aaron Cunningham had a RBI, Denorfia had 1, and Salazar added 2 RBI’s as well. Wade LeBlanc went 3 innings, giving up 1 run. Aaron Poreda didn’t even record an out, giving up 7 runs, 6 earned.

Those are some highlights and lowlights to the games today. The Oklahoma City Thunder play tonight at 5 PM versus the New Orleans Hornets, it’ll be a good game. I can’t wait.

GO PADRES!!!!!!!!!!!!

GO THUNDER!!!!!!!!!!!

6 more days……

until MLB 10 the show comes out!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait. I got a PS3 2 months ago, and I really can’t wait for this game. It’s gonna be my first PS3 baseball game, even though I’ve played the MLB 09 the show demo on there a couple times. Needless to say, I cannot wait until I am playing franchise mode in MLB The Show with the Friars. So, in this post, I am gonna show you guys all the MLB The Show covers, and will have some news from Padre land as well.

MLB 06 The Show:

The first ever MLB The Show game. Even though I never got to play this game very much (I’ve only played about 1 game), i’m sure it was a great introduction to the series.

MLB 07 The Show:

This is when The Show was starting to get recognized as “The most realistic baseball game ever” with the introduction of one of the PS3’s first baseball games.

MLB 08 The Show:

This game was awesome for the PSP, even though I never played it for the PS3.


MLB 09 The Show:


This game was great, no doubt. I still think the one coming up will be the best one ever.

 MLB 10 The Show:


Man, I can’t wait for this game. It’s supposed to be the most fluid baseball game ever. Man, it is gonna be so awesome playing it for the first time on Tuesday.


OK- so i know that video games aren’t a very big deal. But I am really excited for this game. I am sure I won’t be disappointed!!!

Enough about video games, lets turn to real life. The Padres are in the swing of things in Spring Training. Life is good. I can feel the shift from winter to spring, and it’s the feeling of hope and optimism for all big league coaches, players, and fans. There was some off the field news for the Padres, though.

It doesn’t look like Adrian will be staying on the Padres for much longer. He said that he won’t take a hometown discount and will try to “Get as much money as he is worth”. I don’t know about all Padres fans, but if Adrian goes this trade deadline, I’ll be really sad. But oh well, that’s just the business of baseball. And it’s more than likely the Padres will trade him this season or next off-season if a deal is right.

Tomorrow I will have a very special entry about one of my favorite plays in baseball. I hope you’ll be able to read it sometime tomorrow, cuz it’s gonna be cool!!!!!!

Have a good night! Stay safe, and God bless!!!

Go Padres!