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Let’s go back to the old uni’s!!!!

I think that the Padres should go back to their old mustard colored and brown uniforms. They are so cool. I remembered how awesome they are because Donovan Tate was sporting them at a PETCO game the day they signed him last year, and it is also one of the stories on Padres.com about Donovan Tate. Simply, I think they should go back to those uniforms. 

I am glad that they are at least wearing them- with the exception of the first game, where they will wear their white old uniforms- on every Thursday day game at PETCO Park. Hopefully, sometime during the summer on a Thursday when they are wearing the throwback uni’s, I can go.
My apologies on the last post if i forgot anyone who has hit a clutch bomb in a key situation, there have been a lot of clutch homers in history and I just selected a few.
This wait for baseball is killing me. I can’t wait for Opening Day.
3 days till MLB 10 the show comes out!!!
Have a good afternoon and night everyone, and God bless!
Go Padres!!!!