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Thoughts and A Little Basketball

Hey Guys-

     First of all, I want to apologize to all who commented on my blog and when I didn’t comment back on their blogs. I will be getting to read all you guys’ blogs after I type this post. I hope that I didn’t miss much is the Blogosphere over these last couple days!!!!!! OK- getting back to business. Padres baseball.

     The Padres are 1-3 this spring, but I am not concerned. The starters are only playing a couple innings each game, and the backups are coming into the game so the Padres can see what they’ve got. And I like that approach to Spring from Buddy Black. I’d much rather see some young guns in Spring training showcasing their talent than watching the starting lineup hit 4 times and play all 9 innings, because we’ll be able to see that for 162 games in the regular season. Bottom line to Padres fans: 1-3? Don’t worry.

     So here is some basketball talk. In case you don’t know, my favorite basketball team is the Oklahoma City Thunder. Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, Jeff Green, James Harden, Nenad Kristic, plus all the other guys on the team are great. My favorite player on the team is Kevin Durant. He is an amazing basketball player. He had a streak going once where he had 29 games with 25 points or more, and that is just outstanding. Plus, his team and him have a 38-24 record!!!! They’ve already won way more games than last year, and are in the thick of the playoff race. It’s gonna be fun watching this team play down the stretch. They just gotta focus and play their game. Everything else will fall into place if they do that.







The Padres have a great athletic team, which is pretty rare for them. I was talking with my friend and I said that one month in ’07 the only steal I could remember from the Padres was a steal from Greg Maddux, the pitcher! I am glad that the Padres organization is focused on bringing in young and athletic talent.

Have a good afternoon and night everyone! God Bless!!!

By the way, guys, do you have to show what website you got pictures from? I am not sure, i don’t want to get in trouble for not giving credit for photos I got from a website. Thanks, I appreciate it.

Go Padres!!!

Go Thunder!!